Cool new Steffi Love dolls by Simba

If you have ever visited Europe or actually live in Europe than you’ve heard of the German doll Steffi Love. She’s very popular in my country and I have been buying dolls and accesories from this range as they are very well made and cute. My friend and colegue Doru just wrote an article on my Romanian blog about the new Steffi Love dolls that are coming out soon.

I’m crazy in love with the articulated Steffi and the new Mystic Girls. I know MG are a copy of Monster High dolls but they are so cute. I have one of the dolls in my collectin. Check her out here. Also The new Steffi Love Sonnenbad remind me of Suntan Tuesday taylor so I really must be getting her also.

The prices are very good. Between 9.99 and 19.99 euros. My husband is leaving for berlin on the 27th so I hope I can persuade him to buy me at least 2 of these new cute girls. :D


Here are other Mystic Girlz called Pijama.


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    Susan M. Cottrell

    I love the TokiDoki doll, but I don’t understand the MG dolls with all of their tattoes. Is this really where we are in society? I can’t tell you why I can tolerate TokiDoki and not the MG; I suppose I just thought it to be a representation of one person and now there is a line of tattoed dolls. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

  2. 2

    I must admit I got a tattoo when I was really young. I was 16-17… Of course my parents didn’t know and they actually only saw it when I was 27. :)) So I’m not against tattoos. :D I’m not a MG fan because…well….I don’t know! I like some of them, but not all.

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    I love these dolls and have quite a few,
    had a good few trips to Germany to get
    them.Well worth it even Woolworths in Germany had a great display.They do dolls
    and toys so well over there,better than ours anyday.Proper toy shops like we used to have,great for adult collectors.

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