My Collection: Fleur

Some time ago I showed you a picture of a very cute doll named Fleur that I had just purchased. I did in fact buy three of them and today I want to introduce you to two of my girls. :D The blonde one is in perfect condition. Her makeup is flawless, her eyelashes are full and beautiful, her hair is soft and shiny. Unfortunately the brunette one almost lost all her hair when I washed her and tried to comb her using some hair balm. I was almost mortified when I saw half her hair in my palm so I decided to curl her using some homemade doll curlers. And here she is! All curly and kind of Barbie and The Rockers looking, sporting a Fashionistas dress from those Clutch Fashionistas packages I told you about.

Isn’t she cute? :X Now I need to fix the hair on the third doll and find them some shoes. I really, really love these dolls. Now I need more. Duh! :))


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    Awww, both are cute! I love the hairstyle of the dark haired one. I also own two of these ladies – one still needs cleaning and reroot. I hope that after these procedures she will be as lovely as yours.

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