Horsman’s Police Woman dolls

I’m a huge Toy Hunter fan. I watch the show every week and dream about having a job just like Jordan Hembrough. :X In this weeks episode I saw a doll I never heard of before. As I just love to discover lesser known dolls from the 70s and 80s I thought I’d do a short article about this “find”.

Police Woman was a tv show that ran between 1974 and 1978, on NBC, starring Angie Dickinson. The main focus of the show was Sgt. “Pepper” Anderson (Angie Dickinson), an undercover police officer working for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. She, together with the rest of the undercorver team, investigated everything from murders to rape and drug crimes. I know it’s kind of odd to create a doll based on a show like this but, lucky for us, Horsman doll company created this doll action figure in 1976 at the hight of the show’s popularity.

I’m not very sure why she’s considered an action figure but that’s what I read on Plaid Stallions website. Seems like the doll action figure came out with a set of five fashion sets but…and here comes the interesting part, the box, clothes and ENTIRE concept was identical to the Havoc spy dolls also from the 70s. Check out this Havoc website and THIS WEBSITE and judge the simmilarities by yourself.