New Supermodel dolls by Simba

Simba, the company that creates the lovely Steffi Love doll, has launched a new doll series called Supermodel that consists of 4 characters: Juls, Sara, Bel and Miri. The official synopsis:

Juls, Sara, Bel and Miri are BFFs who show off their skills on the catwalk. The fully moveable supermodels always wear the trendiest clothes, suitable for any season and any event.


They remind me a lot of the Moxie dolls but I quite enjoy their fashions and accesories. I wonder if they fit Barbie… That would be very nice because I so miss the non-pink/no-glitter My Scene and Fashion Fever clothes.

Check out below all the available dolls a this moment and go to the official site for more images and details.


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    Hello from Spain, i am Sorry because i am not visiting your blog more often but my blogger does not update your blog design. I like these dolls. Very cute. Keep in touch

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