News roundup: The Stingers, Limited Edition Ariel 2013, Poppy Parker 2013

I’m finally home and I can’t tell you how happy I am sitting at my computer. :X I missed it so much. :)) Now I’m heading out in town with my hubby. He discovered a great sea food restaurant and he’s treating me to some squid. Yummy!

So just before leaving I’m going to do a quick recap of all the info I posted yesterday on my Facebook page, while I was traveling from my home town to the capital city.

First up are the amazing dolls released by Integrity Toys. I’m most excited about the new Stingers from Jem and The Holograms but I love all the other releases. I have to say I’m so glad Integrity released these amazing characters that were never released in the 80s due to the cancelation of the show. Can we hope now that we’ll also get the 1988 unreleased dolls like Rockin’ Romance or American Beauty? :D


Poppy Parker continues to suprise me with some amazing dolls and sets.

New Poppy Parker Teen dolls

poppy parker teen 2013

Poppy Parker in Barefoot in the Park

Poppy Parker Barefoot in the Park

And last but not least Buenos Aires Victoire Roux.


Disney Store has released the first promo of the new Limited Edition Ariel Doll 2013. Lovely!!

Limited Edition Ariel Doll 2013

And also here is a first image of the gorgeous Fairytale Designer Collection Doll Sets.

Fairytale Designer Collection Dolls


And a great piece of news from the Italian Doll Convention. Next year the doll convention will be again a Silkstone! :X

idc 2014


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