A New Book about Clone Doll Collecting

One of my Flickr contacts, Polly Plasty, has just released a book about the wonderfull world of clone doll collecting. The book is bilingual, German and English, and you can buy it from eBay or THIS WEBSITE.

clone book

Forgotten Fashion- and Teen Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s” is an introductory identification guide to collecting Clone dolls. The book has 82 pages, with color images and it introduces dolls that were sold in the United States during the 1960s/70s. The book contains short descriptions (e.g. body specifics, markings) and color photos of more than 60 dolls , along with some information about involved companies at the time. It is designed for beginning clone collectors.


List of dolls: Alice – Annettte – Miss Babette – Bonita – Boutique-Dolls – Charly – Debbie – Debby – Denise – Groovy Girl – Maddie Mod – Mariclare – Marlene – Maxi Mod – Mini Mod – Millie – Miss Co-Ed – Miss Fashion – Miss Space Needle – Miss Teen – Miss Teenager – Mitzi – Polly – Suzette – Tina-Marie – Twistee – U-heads – Wendy – Andy – Ben – Bruce – Chuck – Craig – Don – Randy – Rick – Ted – Tommy – Corky – Dimples – Lil Sister – Marty – Miss Gwen – Miss Kitty – Myra – Rusty – Sandy and some more.

I’ll be ordering it next week! I fell in love with these so called clones a year ago and now I’m fascinated with all these very unknown fashion dolls from the 60s and 70s.


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    lawrence northe

    Hello I’m interested in the Forgotten fashion and teen doll book, could you let me know how much it is and how I can go about purchasing thank you

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