I Am A Giant Phyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor™ and Roxanne “Roxy” Pellegrini™ Gift Set

Integrity Toys is continuing to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Jem and The Holograms with a brand new gift set.

Item # 14109

I Am A GiantPhyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor™ and Roxanne “Roxy” Pellegrini™ Two-Doll Gift SetAdult CollectibleThe JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS® 35th Anniversary Collection
Edition Size: 600

Expected Ship Date: Winter 2020

MSRP: $290.00 + Shipping & Handling

Special Members-Only Price (During Right-to-buy Lottery Only): $240.00 + Shipping & Handling*Right-to-buy Lottery Offer*

Head Sculpt: Pizzazz and Roxy

Body Type: CI/JEM V. 1.5

Skin Tone: Japan (Pizzazz) and FR White (Roxy)

Hair Color: Neon Yellow (Pizzazz), Pure White (Roxy)

Eyelashes: Yes

Hand-appliedQuickswitch: No

As much as I love Jem and The Holograms and some of the older dolls from this series are must haves for me, this set will be a pass for me. I am so excited that I have managed to add 3 Legendary Convention dolls in my colelction and I also have Korinne on backoder that I simply want to chill down and start buying gifts for my kids, family, and my best friends.

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