BJD Luxury Accesories by Allistration

If you have been following me on Instagram on my old account, you may remember me posting about a gorgeous luxury BJD porcelain doll inspired by Romanian folk tales and created by my friend Alexandra from Allistration.

The Moon Fairy is by far one of the most treasured and special dolls in my collection so I was super excited when Alex told me she has started again working on BJD dolls and also on accesories for them.

The new collection is made out of Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver jewelry and hand embroided fashions that are inspired by our folk tales. All fashions are made out of natural silk and other preciuous materials and the embroidery is made out of gold, Swarovski crystals and even precious stones such as sapphires.

If you are in the market for such works of art, I highly recommend you check out her shop HERE (CLICK). You will not regret it!

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