I was born on a sunny spring day, on March 20th 1981. On my birthday in 1986 I received from my mother my very first barbie doll, Sun Gold Malibu Barbie, and the rest is history. I have loved dolls my entire life and since 2009 I’m a doll blogger also.

When I’m not blogging about dolls I stay and relax with my husband and my son in our cosy home in Bucharest, Romania, or work freelance graphic and webdesign.

Feel free to contact me at contact {@} papusilemele.com


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    Hello :)

    I’d like to know if you are selling any of the Made To Move barbies. I’d be interested in the following:
    red hair / thin body , brunette / thin body, blonde (pink top) as I am also a HUGE doll lover/collector.

    Sending hugs and best wishes also from bucharest ^.^

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